What are your hours?

The staff at the SNaP Lab will make every effort to work around your schedule. We can arrange visits to our offices on evenings and weekends to accommodate your needs. 

What if I don't have a computer?

No computer? No problem! If you are enrolled in one of our studies but do not have a computer, we can provide one for you to use for the duration of the study.

Can I refer someone to your study?

If you are a physician, and would like to refer one of your patients to us, please reach out to Sarah Pridgen at 312-502-2501. If you would like to refer a family member or friend, we ask that you have them call us directly. 

The SNaP Lab is a clinical research site. We can only provide referals for therapy. 

Do you provide

Does it cost anything to participate? 

No! We will reimburse you for all travel to our offices, including parking.